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Grants / Scholarships / Award Programs

4-H members and clubs are eligible for a variety of grants, scholarships and awards. Check out what is currently available!  

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2013 Youth Ag-Summit "3 Things" Initiative Fund  
2013 Summit have been achieved, but there are likely some, more audacious and impactful commitments that could use a kick start to reach their full potential. So we want you to choose one of your “3 Things” that needs funding to initiate or take it to the next level.
Applications will open on August 8, 2015

(Please note that this opportunity is open to 2013 Youth Ag-Summit alumni only)

Sears In Your Community™ 4-H Grant Program ​
Sears Canada is 4-H Canada’s partner, committed to helping youth in rural communities across the country access enriching educational experiences. The Sears In Your Community™ 4-H grant program supports club, district, regional and provincial organizations that provide programs that allow youth to become engaged, skilled, responsible leaders in a safe, inclusive and fun environment through the support of caring adults who help them learn to do by doing. 

Applications open on August 4, 2015. For more information: Sears In Your Community 4-H Grant Guidelines.

Growing Forward 2 4-H Club Fund Program 
4-H Canada is pleased to announce an initiative to support outreach and awareness of the 4-H movement in Canada. 4-H Canada launched a refreshed 4-H brand in June 2015. This brand alignment initiative is a cohesive effort amongst all 4-H provincial councils to illustrate the impact of 4-H on youth in Canada, build a cohesive identity, as well as demonstrate the revitalization and vibrancy of the 4-H movement.  The Growing Forward 2 4-H Club Fund Program will provide funds to support community level initiatives that proudly display the new 4-H clover logo on branded materials by 4-H clubs, districts and regions. 


​Applications open on August 4, 2015. For more information: Growing Forward 2 4-H Canada Club Fund Program

FCC Club Fund 

The FCC 4-H Club Fund is available to 4-H clubs, districts and regions across Canada.  Activities eligible for funding include: 

- Purchase of equipment and supplies (Achievement Day supplies, sports equipment, activity supplies, outdoor equipment, trophies, recognition of members).

- Costs associated with developing existing programs and activities.

- Costs associated with events, such as transportation costs, entrance and admission fees.

- Costs associated with club participation in exchanges and club trips.

- Developing or purchasing resource materials (leader, volunteer, activity materials).

- Volunteer support and recognition costs.

- Speaker fees and recognition.

- Seed money for local club fundraising.

​Applications open on August 17, 2015. 


There are no scholarships currently available. Please see our Grants, Scholarships and Awards for information about previous opportunities..

The Jack Pemberton Bursary is now available for 4-H members in Saskatchewan entering in their final year of high school. 

Please see our 
Grants, Scholarships and Awards page for more information. 

If you have any questions about any of these 4-H Canada opportunities, please contact:
Sue Wood
Manager of Admissions, 4-H Canada
P: 1-844-759-1013, ext. 111

If you have questions about how to use this site, please contact:
Rachael van Rijn
Program Coordinator, 4-H Canada
P: 1-844-759-1013, ext 113

Have fun exploring the opportunities that are waiting for you in 4-H! 

As part of its strong commitment to helping rural youth achieve their full potential, Agrium offers the Agrium 4-H Youth Leadership Initiative Program with a total of $50,000 available to eligible 4-H clubs, provinces, regions, districts and counties.

By helping senior 4-H members develop their leadership skills, Agrium then challenges 4-H members to enhance their local communities by actively participating and practicing their leadership skills.

The program targets the development of leadership skills that can be implemented throughout any 4-H jurisdiction in North America. Eligible project areas available for funding include youth asset building, career planning, communication skills training and organization leadership.

Common Grant Final Report Form
Grant Budgets Worksheet

2014/2015 applications are now being accepted by fax or email. Application deadline is October 23, 2013 at 11:59pm EST.

Application Form
Budget Worksheet 2014-2015

Growing Forward Business Development Opportunities Program

Partially funded with financial assistance from Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada through the Growing Forward Policy Framework, this program supports projects that reflect the philosophy and objectives of 4-H, and are concerned with one or more of the following categories:

  • Learning and development activities related to leadership, citizenship, and life skills, business skills, and technical skills
  • The design and development of workshops and other educational programs
  • The design, development, production and distribution of course and presentation materials
  • The design, development, production and distribution of magazines and marketing packages, supplies, certificates, awards and prize ribbons associated with eligible activities
  • Conduct surveys or other information collection techniques to aid in the conduct of needs analysis and the planning of future activities
  • Conferences and special events
  • Promotional activities

Sears in Your Community 4-H Club Grants Program

The Sears in Your Community 4-H Club Grants Program provides funding support to 4-H groups that provide after-school programs so youth can have fun while developing leadership skills, citizenship, and life skills in a positive and safe environment. The grant program is available for any 4-H club in Canada, and each club is eligible to receive up to $1,000.

The grant program supports five types of funding requests:

  • New programs
  • Enhancement of existing programs
  • Development of existing programs in a new location
  • Sustaining existing programs
  • Support for ongoing educational workshops related to projects (e.g. public speaking, showmanship, judging, animal care, grooming skills, etc.)

Applications for 2014 are now being accepted until October 23, 2013 at 11:59pm EST.